Corydalis:Alternative Medicine for Chronic Nerve Pain

Christine Cadena
Fri October 28th, 2011
Nerve pain is a debilitating and life altering health condition that often requires very aggressive medical attention. If you are suffering from complications associated with nerve pain, it is important to find not only the right traditional medical care, but also the alternative herbal remedies that may be suitable in a supportive role.

When suffering from nerve pain, there is no doubt you’ve managed to find some home remedies that work to alleviate your pain and restore some degree of function and mobility. By working with a homeopathic specialist, and adding herbal remedies such as corydalis, you may find that your healing is further improved. Even for adults who suffer from complications involving Botox bruising, herbal remedies provide a health benefit that can’t be offered by traditional medical care.

Corydalis is a Chinese herb that has long been used in the treatment of nerve pain. Because the herbal remedy offers some degree of sedation, and alkaline to the physiology of the body, it is used to alleviate pain that is chronic in nature. Corydalis works to relax the muscles, relax the nerves, and impose some degree of relaxation – all key parts of supporting traditional medical care for chronic nerve pain.

When living with unrelenting nerve pain, it is important to first speak with your doctor about the use of herbal remedies in a supportive role and obtain approval to do so. Once your doctor has approved the use, in conjunction with your traditional medical care, seek out medical attention from a homeopathic specialist who can provide corydalis. Typically, taking 5-10 milligrams per day, in capsule form, suffices for a patient with chronic nerve pain and complications.

Home herbal remedies are growing in popularity as more and more families work to resolve health issues more naturally. If you are struggling with pain involving your nervous system, ask about herbal remedy and other solutions you may consider in conjunction with your prescription medications and physical therapy programs.

4 responses to “Corydalis:Alternative Medicine for Chronic Nerve Pain

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