Benefits of Ant Extract

The Benefits of Polyrhacis Ant Extract
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by Brandon Daemon
General Introduction

Polyrhachis Vicina Roger is a safe, natural and nutritive diet supplement utilised for centuries by Chinese herbal practitioners and nobles. Over 400 known species of ants have been studied in China, and Polyrhachis Vicina Roger is the sole species the China Ministry of Public Health has authorized as a nutritional supplement. BBC stories reported “scientific research in China has shown that a selected species of Chinese ant, the Polyrhachis Vicina Roger, increases longevity in rats.” According to The Food Insects News Letter, the nutrient elements in Polyrhachis Vicina Roger are fundamentals in holistic medication. Studies have established that Polyrhachis Vicina Roger has more than 8 types of free amino acids, which are necessary to the maintenance of a strong, adaptable body. Polyrhachis Vicina Roger is a highly effective nutritive supplement that contains the indispensable vitamins B1, B2, B12, and D and crucial minerals like calcium, iron and zinc. And as much as 67% of the dry weight of Polyrhachis Vicina Roger is protein.

Chemical Analysis

Chemical research into the extract of Polyrhachis vicina Roger reveals dense nutritive content including amino acids and minerals in significant amounts, trace amounts of steroids and hormones, and the presence of known, favourable bioactive compounds including superoxide dismutase (SOD), a powerful anti-oxidant compound, and adenosine triphosphate (ATP), noted for its role in intracellular energy transfer. Demonstrated anti-inflammatory and drug effects have been associated with 2 novel and promising bicyclic polyketide lactones isolated from Polyrhachis Ant Extract, Polyrhacitide An and Polyrhacitide B. In 2009, a German research team achieved laboratory synthesis of these latterly discovered Polyrhacitides, which should permit further pharmacological study.

It is often said that Ginseng is the King Of Herbs, but Ant is the Herb Of Kings.

Polyrhachis Ant Extract, as the name says, is derived from these living ants of rare variety. It is basically a multi-spinous ant, growing wild in the remote mountainous areas of specific portions of Asia. Mountain Ants in the Asian area are thought to be the best in the world.

Standard Chinese medicine has considered Polyrhachis Ant to be the same league as many other superior tonics, for example Reishi mushrooms, Ginseng, Deer Antler, Astragalus for example.

This is due to the fact that Polyrhachis Ants assists in promoting, maintaining as well as prolonging life; it helps in replenishing Qi, it nourishes blood and improves circulation and it also increases vitality. It also helps in regulating yin and yang, has anti-aging benefits, and boosts the immunocompetence and bipolar immune regulation as well.

Polyrhachis Ants have wonderful benefits for sexual functions as well; it helps in increasing fertility and potency, it assists in reinforcing musculoskeletal system, induces sound sleep, clams tension and promotes correct digestion as well as assimilation.

Typically, the Polyrhachis Ants or tonic ants are used for promoting, maintaining and lengthening life; it replenishes Qi, nourishes blood, increases vitality, controls Yin and Yang, improves sexual libido and promotes overall good health and well being.

The significant advantage of Polyrhachis Ants is that it helps in heightening the amount of RNA and DNA present inside the human cells. This may slow down the process of ageing and can aid regeneration of cells and rejuvenation of the tissues as well. The unique ATP present in ants, which is the cellular power source, actually provides energy to human body. These ants contain large amounts of zinc that has got a very robust influence on the sexuality as well. Ants help in fortifying the feeble immunological response and also changed the overactive immune mechanism.

Polyrhachis vicina has been shown to have liver protective activity by lowering the activity of SGPT. It may also, to a degree, stop liver cells from turning into fat. Polyrhachis has been proven to be very helpful in the treating of both acute and protracted hepatitis B. Current research signifies that hepatitis B, both chronic and acute, is due to immune deficiency and that the hepatitis virus is itself opportunity seizing. Therefore , fortifying the immune reaction in total is critical and invaluable in treating hepatitis B. Ant serves this role awfully effectively due to its twin role as an immune tonic and a liver protector.

A novel set of aldehyde compounds found in Ant has been demonstrated to have a . Stronger tonic action than ginseng, and it has so far been most unlikely to synthesize this chemical. It is believed to be a result of these and one or two similar aldehydes, as well as some other chemicals in ant, that give ants their enormous physical strength”and finally give the purchasers of ant the well-established increase in strength.

Some indisputable facts about ants: Ants can lift up to 400 times their own weight and pull up to 1700 times their own weight, making them the world champions re strength.

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