Why Magic Johnson healthy as A horse? Hiv Virus does not Cause Aids

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Bryan Fischer: Why is Magic Johnson healthy as a horse? HIV virus does NOT cause AIDS
Thursday, January 05, 2012 2:15 PM
By Bryan Fischer 

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I recently came across several articles commemorating the 20th anniversary of Magic Johnson’s HIV diagnosis. I still remember the screaming headlines in 1991, the abrupt termination of his NBA career at the height of his powers, and his subsequent and short-lived come back. 

One would have expected pictures of Magic, taken 20 years after this life-sentence diagnosis, to be a withered, shriveled version of his former self, his life force eaten away by this killer virus. 

But pictures of Magic show him to be as healthy as the proverbial horse. He’s considerably bulkier than he was in his playing days, and as the saying goes, seems quite comfortable in his own expanded skin. 

So why is Magic the picture of health 20 years after this supposedly terminal diagnosis? Easy: the HIV virus does NOT cause AIDS. Since, as one of the world’s leading virologists, Peter Duesberg of U.C. Berkeley, says, HIV is a “harmless passenger virus,” Magic is likely to carry HIV with him to the end of a long and healthy life.  

Duesberg wrote a bombshell book in 1996, Inventing the AIDS Virus, which exposes the myth of the so-called AIDS virus. 

(Dr. Duesberg was a guest earlier this week on my “Focal Point” radio program. You can view part 1 of my interview with him here and part 2 here.) 

Duesberg, who knows as much about how viruses work as any man alive, points out that the AIDS “epidemic” has not proceeded at all as viral epidemics always have and always will. He points out that viruses do their work soon after exposure, within 24-72 hours, at which point you get sick for a while, with the flu or whatever, and then you either die or get well. 

Viruses simply do not park in the system for 10-12 years and then suddenly spring to life to infect the host with a life-threatening disease, which is precisely the scenario HIV proponents advocate, making their view utterly unscientific and contrary to everything we know for a molecular fact about how viruses behave. 

There is a clear progression in viral epidemics, illustrated by the 1918 worldwide influenza outbreak. Since it was an infectious disease, triggered by the transmission of a virus, it exploded quickly, took millions of lives of both genders (instead of targeting males, as AIDS does), and then dropped sharply to pre-outbreak levels. A graph of the disease shows a very sharp and almost immediate spike, followed by a sharp descent. That’s how viral epidemics work, but that’s not how AIDS progresses. Blaming the HIV virus violates everything virologists know about how viral epidemics work. 


Blaming HIV for AIDS is like blaming a barnacle for the sinking of the Titanic. 

We believe public policy ought to be based on sound science and research, and funding HIV research to stop AIDS is foolish and misguided. We could find a way to kill HIV and it would do absolutely nothing, zilch, zip, to stop the advance of AIDS. If it’s not the cause, stopping it is not the cure. 

So why was HIV fingered? Duesberg’s explanation is simple: follow the money.  

Virologists by the early 80s had given up on finding a viral cause for cancer. They had expensive labs and were drawing hefty salaries and suddenly had no dragons to slay. And so they seized on HIV as a make-believe culprit, and invented it as the cause of AIDS. Why? To keep billions of dollars in research grants flowing into their labs and wallets. 

In fact, in this respect, the bogus HIV/AIDS link is just like the hysterical anthropogenic global warming scam.  Man’s role in causing global warming is virtually non-existent. But there is no money for global warming research if scientists tell the plain truth and admit that man is not the cause. The hysteria hoax must be maintained so that lavish lifestyles can be maintained at taxpayer expense. 

Kary Mullis, who won the Nobel Prize for chemistry in 1993, wrote this in the foreword to Inventing the AIDS Virus: “I like and respect Peter Duesberg. I don’t think he knows necessarily what causes AIDS; we have disagreements about that. But we’re both certain about what doesn’t cause AIDS. We have not been able to discover any good reasons why most of the people on earth believe that AIDS is a disease caused by a virus called HIV. There is simply no scientific evidence demonstrating that this is true.”  

So what is the cause of what we know as AIDS? What is the cause of this condition that is killing people? Duesberg’s answer can be found in one word: drugs. 

And specifically, drug use connected with the kind of sex that is far too common in the homosexual community. While the average heterosexual has somewhere between seven to 14 sexual partners in a lifetime, it is not uncommon for homosexuals to have hundreds, even thousands, of sexual partners.  

Anonymous sex in public places like bathhouses, public parks and public restrooms is an all-too frequent occurrence in the gay community, and homosexuals will frequently attempt to have multiple sexual encounters in a single night, often with total strangers. The only way this is possible is through taking stimulants that heighten sexual pleasure and make multiple sexual experiences possible. 

Duesberg points out that 96% of male homosexuals have used nitrite inhalants (amyl nitrites, called “poppers”), 70% have used amphetamines and up to 60% have used cocaine or LSD. 

Duesberg is the first to admit that his drug hypothesis – particularly the possible connection between amyl nitrites and the breakdown of the human immune system – requires more research. But he can’t get any funding to do that research. In fact, he has been blacklisted, and the only way he has kept his position at UC Berkeley is that he is tenured. 


Why can’t he get funding for such research? Easy. If AIDS is behaviorally induced, then the solution is simple: stop the behavior. If using amyl nitrites is the cause, then stop using amyl nitrites. If men having sex with men is the cause, as CDC records indicate, then tell men to stop having sex with other men. If shooting up with needles is the cause, then stop shooting up. 

You don’t need billions of dollars of research to communicate that message. So to keep the research dollars flowing in, virologists have to pretend that HIV is the culprit, and politicians have to pretend to agree with them and keep writing the checks. 

Bottom line? HIV does not cause AIDS. So let’s immediately stop spending billions of dollars trying to kill a harmless microbe. And secondly, let’s tell homosexuals to stop sleeping with other men, stop using poppers, and stop shooting up. If they listen to that message, public health will improve, everybody will live longer, and taxpayers will be able to keep more of their money. What’s not to like? 

(Unless otherwise noted, the opinions expressed are the author’s and do not necessarily reflect the views of the American Family Association or American Family Radio.) 

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