Tinospora Cordifolia

Published: Mon November 20th, 2006
By: travels
Category: Alternative Medicine
Tinospora Cordifolia (Guduchi, Gulancha Tinospora, Indian Tinospora and Giloy) is a native plant from tropical and subtropical regions of India. Also, known to be found in Far East, primarily in rainforests. The plant is climbing shrub with heart-shaped leaves. The herb plant flowers during the summer and fruits during the winter. Tinosopora Cordiofolia prefers acid, neutral or basic alkaline soil. It can grow in semi-shade or no shade. Requiring moist soil. Tinospora Cordifolia grows without chemical fertilizers, and use of pesticides. The plant is classified as a rasayana herb: Enhance longevity, promote intelligence and prevent disease. The herb has a long history in use by practitioners of Ajurvedic medicine (the traditional medicine of India), since 2000 B.C. Known by its practitioners to treat convalescence from

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